Guy Martin was born and raised in Ventura, CA. Guy’s love for playing the guitar didn’t really come out until the ripe old age of 16. It was then that Guy’s good friend from high school showed him the electric guitar. Finding an instant attraction to the instrument, Guy bought his first electric guitar and started practicing…5 hours a day. With no interest in reading boring sheet music, he began to listen to his favorite rock records and play along tuning his ear to the music. About a year later, he was introduced to the thick driving blues notes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, this changed Guy’s path immediately. “I want to play like that!” were the words then spoken by the determined 17 year old kid.

Practice makes perfect, as Guy has carved his way into one of the premiere blues guitar players coming out of Southern California today. Currently still paying the bills by way of General Contracting during the day, Guy still finds the time to put everything else he’s got into his passion…his music. Back in the late 90’s and early 2000, Guy and his band had released only two projects to disc. One live and one studio effort. However, the live shows continued throughout Southern California for many years. Guy is just one of those artists that is waiting to explode any moment, any day, any year. Guy has proven he has the rock solid determination and soul to take his music to the next level, it’s just a matter of when.